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  • 27-year-old web & graphic designer living in Atlanta, GA with my wonderful husband [print materials I designed for our wedding]
  • Freelancing since I graduated from James Madison University in 2008
  • Student of social networking and its marketing potential. I presented a poster on this subject at the 2010 RCMI Symposium [read more]
  • Freelance article contributor for
  • Love illustration, traditional arts and crafts
  • Traveler, story collector and photographer
  • Unabashed nerd of all flavors [my art for MomoCon]
  • Writing & editing the first book of a young adult fantasy series that I hope to publish soon. You can follow my saga on my blog.

Shoebox Story

Film page "Coming soon"

This is a site design I did for a friend’s small video production company.

Their name “Shoebox Story” inspired me to make a site that seemed to be built from odds and ends you’d find in a shoebox, like old photos, scraps of paper, doodles, documents and old letters.

As for the palette, they said they wanted something earthy, and faded colors seemed a natural choice. Made in Dreamweaver, using HTML and CSS. Elite Member


In 2012 I became an Elite Yelp member, and became one again in 2013!

It may or may not be a big deal in the real world, but it makes me happy!



The Kaleidoscope Shop

kaleidoscope shop screenshot

The Kaleidoscope Shop is a family business, and I work part time updating their shop’s online store with new items, as well as helping out with web and print design.

I redesigned the website’s look by modifying a 3dCart theme. I used cool colors that matched the site’s logo, as well as gray and pink to round it out.

You can view the site here! Just click on the image below.

kaleidoscope shop screenshot


DealGenda Proof of Concept

dealgenda main page

My husband and I worked on this proof of concept site for a start-up business looking for something to show potential customers.

Per their instructions, and per the terms of a proof of concept site, we modified a simple pre-existing WordPress theme, and my husband did the back-end programming while I handled the HTML and CSS.

We wish DealGenda an exciting future!


research point RFA openings front page

I worked on this website when I was in the Biomedical Informatics MeTRC Core at Meharry Medical College. I was the primary designer and one of my colleagues did the programming and CMS management.

To support the scientists working behind MeTRC, Meharry wanted a portal where the doctors, scientists and the administrative core could all communicate and share information, as well as track important upcoming events, like paper submission deadlines. It was an immense project, and many people worked very hard to make it a reality. Various technical glitches over the years have kept it from going up full time (as I’m writing this), so I want to make sure I immortalize all my hard work.

This site was built in CMS Plone, which is perfect for constructing web portals for wide use. I wanted to make the layout simple and colorful, and used color-coding within the site sections to help users not get lost. I used the Meharry maroon, pale yellow and neutral gray as strong accents, as well as other colors approved by the school, with some variation. I tried to keep navigation clear and easy to read, with a vibrant green Help button in the top of the sidebar at all times.

More images coming soon! There are a lot of screencaps to go through!

MeTRC Website

website main page metrc design

I worked on this website when I was in the Biomedical Informatics MeTRC Core at Meharry Medical College.

My bosses wanted a simple informational site where people could learn more about MeTRC (the Meharry Translational Research Center). The Center’s goal was to focus on translational and clinical health disparities research, and get solutions to hospitals and communities as efficiently as possible.

I created this site based off the simple color palette provided by the university, and tried to match style elements (like buttons) to what I was creating for ResearchPoint, a portal to be used by MeTRC scientists.

Fairly straightforward as far as building and programming, but I think the result is very clean and pleasing to look at.

Zazzle Designs

black pirate ship with a skull drinking tea on the mast. "It's All For Me Grog"

I have a little Zazzle store that sells things with my designs on them every now and then.

*Sorry about the watermarks. The only images I could find were from my old, outdated website. I’ll replace these with better images when I dig them up >.<



The UK

British library door

I’m blessed to have been to the UK twice, once in 2002 and again in 2006. I lived in London for a month and traveled around England to Oxford and lots of other cool cities, as well as Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

This page is still in development, and I’ll have more to write as I gather more photos.


Oil Pastel

girl looking into a mirror self portrait in pastel

Oil pastel is probably the most freeing traditional medium that I like to use. It’s not as messy as some, but it gives such rich texture and is fairly forgiving if you make a little mistake. As my style has developed, I like using it to create more speculative, bold pieces instead of detailed ones. I am already planning some ore minimalistic oil pastel pieces to do in the future.

*Sorry about the watermarks. The only images I could find were from my old, outdated website. I’ll replace these with better images when I dig them up >.<


rainbow interlock ribbon cross stitch bookmark

As a little girl I watched my mom doing needlework projects, and she taught me everything I know. I started with cross stitch and I’ve expanded to needlepoint. I have a lot of my own work hung up around my house, and in the past I’ve given out a lot of cross stitch and needlepoint gifts. It’s one of my favorite ways to defrag my brain, so I’ll keep doing needlework til I can’t see what I’m doing anymore!

All of these designs and layouts are created by me.